Store your jewellery in the plastic pouch it comes in or a box separately when not in use. To clean your jewellery, please rub gently with a soft lint free cloth.

All our jewellery unless otherwise stated is made of sterling silver and in an alloy with gold plating.

Precious metals naturally tarnish with the exposure to air as well as perfumes, moisturiser, make up, hairspray, perspiration, household cleaning products, chlorine and salt. Please avoid exposing your jewellery to these conditions and always remove before swimming/showering/exercising/sleep to extend your jewellery’s life and shine.

Sterling Silver tends to get oxidised overtime and turns black especially when it gets wet. We do offer a re-polishing service for free for lifetime.

Enamelled pieces are made with heated glass particles in a kiln to form a thin glass coloured layer on the surface of the jewellery – Enamel is quite fragile so please avoid knocks or bangs and sharp surfaces or the enamel may crack or chip.

Semi-precious stones are all sensitive to knocks, bangs and scratching so please be gentle with them and protect them from extreme heat or cold.